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Give The Book Right To The Child
- Aug 01, 2017 -

Give the book right to the child

Parents now pay much attention to cultivating children's reading habits, but if you ask the books on the bookshelves have read it, then the answer will make parents disappointed, from beginning to end carefully read the book, but a few few. This means that parents have serious dislocations when they choose books for their children. Parents think good books, children are not interested; children like books, parents think it is not worth reading. For this problem, the advice of child care counselor is to give the option to the child, the child likes to read what to read what.

The advice of the child care consultant is: "What book" What is the most talked about is the child's own. The so-called parents for children to select books now has been reduced according to sales rankings and website comments to buy books "follow the trend", may not really fit the child.

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